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Opera Max (Beta) Android APP

Feel unlimited with Opera Max, a free data-savings app for your phone that extends your data plan. See which apps hog your data and watch more mobile video.

Opera Max is a free way to save a ton of data on your phone.

Opera Max squeezes video, photos and images on almost every app on your phone. If you're on a limited data plan and want more time on Instagram or Vine, without going over your monthly limit, Opera Max can compress the data coming to your phone by up to 50%. Your 1 GB data plan now lasts up to 50% longer.*

Although Opera Max beta is completely open in the USA and EU, there are limited spots available. We're still working out how much our servers can handle, so get in early to make the most out of your data plan.

Watch more mobile video
Opera Max is the first app of its kind to compress mobile video, a huge consumer of your mobile data. The app makes videos lighter. Opera Max can crunch a 10 MB video down to 3 MB.* And, it does this on almost any app on your phone, not just your browser.

Tweak how you save data
Opera Max knows when data is expensive and when it's cheap. You can set Opera Max to detect when you're out of your network or roaming and block apps from using data when it's at a premium. Set costly apps to use data only when you're on WiFi and fine tune your own data-savings plan.

Take control of your apps
Opera Max monitors your data usage and gives you the quick-and-dirty on which apps are consuming the lion's share of your data. Get daily or monthly summaries of how your phone uses your data plan and see how much Opera Max has saved.

Opera Max won't touch any sensitive data and stays away from encrypted information, like your bank's app or your secure email. The app only effects mobile data on the device it's installed onsorry, tethering isn't supportedand will not compress anything while you are on WiFi. You may find a slight difference in quality when Opera Max compresses data, but the savings means more time watching video and less time worrying about your data plan.

Opera Max is made by Opera Software, a company with more than ten years' experience in researching and developing mobile data-savings technology. Since 1994, Opera's products have been crafted to help people around the world find information, connect with others and enjoy entertainment on the web.

* Savings based on sampling of beta users in the USA. Your results may vary.

What's New
- updated look and feel
- interactive charge up screen
- multiple summary cards for daily & monthly views
- bug fixes for stability and performance

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